EL-W506B Agrandir


calculator scientific :

  • Entering and showing results as done in a text book
  • 96x32 dot matrix LCD
  • 556 Functions in total
  • 4 user defined keys D1-D4 for direct access of often used functions (short cut keys)
  • Math Drill Function (+, -, x, mixed, max. 100 quest.)
  • Multiline Playback (jump to top or end of equation)
  • Independent cursor keys
  • Catalogue for seldom used functions


Plus de détails




  Multi-Line-Playback yes
  number of lines Depending on input in WriteView mode (96x32 dot matrix) 2 lines in line mode
  digits per line -
  displayed digits: mantisse + exponent 10 + 2
  3-Digit-Punctuation yes

Basic Functions

  D.A.L.-entering yes
  FSE display: Float, FIX, SCI, ENG yes
  Memories 9
  STO, RCL / M+, M- yes
  +, -, x, ÷,% yes
  max. operations at the same time (calc. / numeric) 64 / 10
  CA function yes
  last digit correction yes
  last answer memory yes


  simulation calculation (ALGB) yes
  Constant/chain calculations yes
  metric conversions 44
  physical constants 52

Scientific Functions

  MDF yes
  Pi, +/-, EXP yes
  X2 ,√ ,³√ , ×√ , XY , X·¹ ln, log, ex ,10x yes
  sin, cos, tan, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1 yes
  sinh, cosh, tanh, sinh-1, cosh-1, tanh-1 yes
  factorial (n!), permutations (nPr), combinatons (nCr) yes
  random yes
  fraction calculation yes
  conversion fraction/decimal yes
  coordinate-systems: rectangular, parametric, polar and sequentiell yes
  DMS (conversion: dec <-> sexagesimal - min/sec.) yes
  DEG (angular dimension deg, rad, grad yes
  DEG (conversion: Deg <-> Rad <-> Grad) yes
  complex numbers yes
  linear equationsystems with 3 variables yes
  differentiation, numeric yes
  integration, numeric yes
  formular-memory (F1 - F4) 4
  Matrix / Solver (Newton) / List Calculations yes/yes/yes

Number Systems

  calculations: dec, bin, oct, hex, pen yes
  conversions: dec, bin, oct, hex, pen yes
  Logic operations (AND, OR, NOT, NEG, XOR) yes

Statistic Functions

  statistic functions with x, y 1 / 2
  normal distribution yes
  standard deviation / totals formation yes
  mean value yes
  linear and other regressions 7


  additional functions Catalogue function, Math training ( , -, x, mixed) Sessions up to max. 100 questions. 4 user defined keys (D1 - D4) as short cut keys.
  power supply Solar cell, LR44 x 1 (for back-up)
  dimensions (in mm) 79.6 x 161.5 x 15.5
  weight (g) 102 g